SERYFA U14s Squad for Training Session 23rd November 2018

The U14s Regional Coaches would like the following players to attend a training session at Forrester High School on Friday 23rd November 2018. The players are requested to confirm with John Quinn on 07780 903768 that they will or will not be able to attend before Wednesday 21st November at 6pm.
The players are to arrive no later than 7;15pm for 7;30pm start, they are to wear their own clubs training kit and must wear shingaurds, bring their own drinks bottle and footwear for 3G surface. The session will end around 9/9;15pm.
I would like to apologise to all team coaches about the lack of time between this message and the training session.
We would like a look at as many players as we can as we are hoping to have a game on 7th December 2018 against St. Johnstone FC at Perth.
Thanks Fraser Lawson   

SERFYA 2005 U14s SQUAD for training session Friday 23rd November 2018.
Josh Lothian (Lasswade Thistle FC)
Bruce McKenzie (Hutchison Vale FC)
Darcy Munro (Edinburgh South CFC)
Cameron Bell (Musselburgh Windsor FC)
Blair McKenzie (Hutchison Vale FC)
Jayden Bradley (Hutchison Vale FC)
Kris Young (Lasswade Thistle FC)
Gabriel Fleet (Lasswade Thistle FC)
Farrell Bain (Portobello CFA)
Euan Walker (Portobello CFA)
Jay Meldrum (Tynecastle FC)
Oscar Dymock (Hutchison Vale FC)
Bryan Mwangi (Hutchison Vale FC)
Jamie McLeod (Hutchison Vale FC)
Mason Renton (Hutchison Vale FC)
Ian Galloway (Lasswade Thistle FC)
Bailey Klimionek (Lasswade Thistle FC)
Louis Conlin (Edinburgh South CFC)
Stevie Renton (Portobello CFA)
Harry Fowler (Gala Fairydean Rovers)
Jack Adams (Tynecastle FC)
Bailey McKenzie (Lasswade Thistle FC)
Tyrone Core (Lasswade Thistle FC)
Sami Doig (Edinburgh South CFC)
Finlay Yule (Portobello CFA)
Jack Peacock (Loanhead MYFC)
Ryan Findlay (Hutchison Vale FC)
Godswill Omojiade (Tynecastle FC)