Brief Match Summary U13s Seryfa v St Johnstone FC 14th December 2018

U13s St Johnstone FC v U13s SERYFA Friday 14th December 2018
Callum Barlow    Tynecastle FC    
Michael Wilson    Portobello CFA    
Aaron Bone    Portobello CFA    
Jamie Anderson    Portobello CFA     
Dillon Monteith    Portobello CFA    
Riley Carson    Bonnyrigg Rose Reds
Max Ramsey     West Lothian FC    
Brodie Hood    Portobello CFA    
Owen Hastie    Portobello CFA    
Adam Phayre    Currie Star FC    
Miko Brown    Salvesen CFC    
Layton  Bartram West Lothian FC    
Luke Paxton    Tynecastle FC    
Lewis Marshall    Salvesen CFC    
Alfie Smith    Portobello CFA    
Louis Patterson    Inverkeithing United    
Ollie Penrice    Livingston FC Community Yellow
Ben McManus    Edinburgh South CFC

First Period
Our U13s travelled up to McDiarmid Park Perth to play St Johnstone FC on Friday 14th December 2018. A squad of 17 players travelled.
The game was played over three @ twenty five minute periods.
St Johnstone started with a very strong first eleven that had played together on a number of occasions against our first eleven who were playing their first match together.
St Johnstone played some excellent football and started by pushing the SERYFA back into their own half. Keeping their shape well playing with wide players  the seryfa defence were given no time to settle playing together for the first time.
Before the seryfa team had really settled in to their shape they found themself 2 goals down in the first period. I was noticable that the Saints were more use to playing together than the seryfa. However the boys showed some evidence of why the had been chosen, by showing individual flashes of skills.

Second Period
As the coaches had explained to the boys before kick off all the guys that hadn't played in the first period would start the second period. The seryfa started better and started to talk to each other and find each other with some nice football.
However St Johnstone were still on top and scored a spectacular 3rd goal from a shot from well outside the penalty area. Our boys responded well and kept their heads up and started to get more into the game playing some neat one touch football.
Saints were still dangerous and scored their 4th goal of the game.

Third period
Team changes and a change of system was made by the seryfa coaches during the break.
We start brighter and were matching the saints team better than the first two periods. The players had settled and were finally starting to play as a team during this period.
Both set of players were looking comfortable on the ball and served up some nice flowing football.
The third period finished goalless and both teams had played well.

The St Johnstone team showed the had played together before and played some great football and the seryfa showed that as the game went on that they with a few more game playing together they will be more than a match for any future opponents
On a personal note i would like to thank all the players for their efforts during the game.
To all the parents who made sure the players arrived on time and for their support during the game I cannot thank you enough.
Finally a huge  thanks to Neil Hassan and his coaching staff for all the hard work they have done     
  Thanks Fraser Lawson SERYFA President