Teams wishing to play at U21s season 2019-2020

As everone knows last year we did not have enough teams enter the Alpha Trophies League to form a U21s age group. Many of our U19s teams joined the U20s Lowland Dev League instead of taking the previous route to U21s football within the SERYFA structure. The SERYFA are looking to reform the U21s Age group for season 2019/20 and we are asking any U19s teams within our structure that wish to take park to express an interest in play at U21s level next season to contact Ian Richardson on 07931281505 or by e-mail at

We feel that by reforming the U21s age group within the SERYFA will give the players going from U19s to U21s a chance to play for 2/3 more years  at a high standard of youth football. rather than just one year at under 20s then be lost to the amateur ranks.  The U21s leagues are still going strong all over the rest of Scottish Youth Football its only in this area that its been decimated by the forming of the U20 Lowland  Dev League.

If your club has an U19s team this season and want to play U21s Youth Football  the SERYFA region in 2019/20please contact Ian Richardson as detailed above