Statement from SYFA Regional Secretaries on end of 2019/20 season

                                                                        Statement from SYFA Regional Secretaries

On the back of the SYFA Board’s announcements regarding season 2019/20 being unexpectedly and irrefutably disrupted resulting in the Board making the decision that no further league fixtures should be played as part of the 2019/20 season, the Regional Secretaries from the six regions held a zoom video call meeting to discuss the options available for concluding season 2019/20 with a view that this could be applied across all regions / leagues so that youth football in the country had a consistent approach.
The regional secretaries are in total agreement that there should be no further league fixtures played and were all of the opinion that with a full season not being completed for all teams, no league champions should be declared across any age group / divisions, no formal promotion or relegation should take place based on the league positions when football stopped, leagues would have the discretion to rebalance divisions for season 2020/21 as they would for any other season.
A number of leagues are represented within the Regional set-up and fully supported the discussed and agreed outcome, some had already held discussions with other leagues who had confirmed similar thoughts ahead of the video call. The following leagues as things stand are behind the agreed outcome: A&DJFA, DDYFA, FFDL, AFYFC, SERYFA, G&DYFL, ERSDA, PJ&DYL, CSFA & WOSYFL.
As per the SYFA email to Regional & League Secretaries, it is at each leagues discretion how they choose final placings, we wanted to share the discussion and suggested outcome reached at the Regional Secretaries meeting in the hope that we could have a consistent approach across much or the entire country if possible for competitive age group leagues.