Seryfa - Message and Challenge

The committee of the seryfa would like to pass on our thoughts and prayers for everyone at this desperate time. We hope everyone is well and managing to cope at these difficult times for everyone. All we ask is that everyone takes care and listen to all the advice and information given out by the Government. 
Please abide with the rules that have been set out for everyone and also use social media to keep in touch with your players and team mates. It's a difficult time for everyone and hopefully we will all recover from this and get back playing football when it's safe to do so. 
Im sure everyone has seen to toilet roll keepie uppie challenge. Well here's a challenge to all the team coaches, it's your turn to impress your players. All that's needed is one team coach, one toilet roll, a mobile phone and your attempt to be filmed and posted on our twitter page, remember name of coach, team and age group he coaches. Good luck @SERegionYFA