Reminder COVID-19 rules for SYFA games

We are asking all clubs to remind Coaches, players and parents of the rules that have been put in place so we can play matches during this difficult period. It's becoming noticeable that people are becoming complacent with the rules. The main complaint that we are getting is the number of spectators that are turning up to watch games. We know it's difficult for teams to stop people in public parks but we are asking if All clubs can once again remind the parents and spectators of the current rules asking that no spectators attend matches. Some clubs that have their own pitches are preventing parents from entering their ground and this is causing conflict at some games. Below is one of the many requests we have had from teams to ask if could be brought to everyone's attention                          

Just a note to say we are constantly getting hassle from visiting teams 
turning up with spectators trying to get into the ground.
They are arriving and saying they have been told by their team's coaches that they are ok to do this & that they are allowed to do it at their home games.
If we were on a public park then it would be difficult to move them as we cannot stop people entering a public park.
We are getting grief from the Facility Manager who is having to deal with these spectators when they try to gain access.
Could you issue a reminder to teams that no spectators are allowed at this time.

Thanks for your help in this matter. We all realise that we need to stick to the rules to keep the games being played