Voting Paper For Harry Smith Referee of the year 2017/18



Once again its time to bring you attention to vote for your choice for the Harry Smith referee of the year .

The Harry Smith Trophy is in memory of Harry Smith who was a former member and President of the SERYFA. Everyone involved in youth football knew how hard Harry worked to promote youth football in the SERegion. Harry was a former referee and we thought it would be fitting to reward the Referees who officiate at our games. This will be our second year of presenting the Trophy.
To make things fair we will be rewarding refs at all our age groups, U13s & U14s. U15s & U16s. U17s & U19s and U21s
All Team shall be allowed to return one voting paper
Teams should enter their team details on the paper including their ID number
Each teams Secretaries Name must also be on paper
Team should name their top three referees for the season from 1st to 3rd for their age group
All voting papers to be returned to
By Friday 27th April 2018

The refs that won the awards last seson thought it was a great privilage to be the first winners of the Harry Smith Trophy 

Tom Carter        Robert White      John Thomson        Ian Baillie

U13s & U14s      U15s & U 16s       U17s & U19s           U21s

Thanks for your support 

Fraser Lawson, President SERYFA

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