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Fixtures Score Referee Venue
Sunday 22nd November 2020
All cup ties played to a finish with no extra time
Federation of Hearts Supporters Cup
Spartans FC Youth v Leith Athletic FC 1-5 B Ritchie Spartans Academy, 1.30pm
Portobello CFA v Edinburgh Vikings 4-2 I Baillie Portobello HS 3G, 2pm
John McConnell Memorial Cup
Spartans FC Reds v Craigroyston CYFC 1-2 I Patterson Broughton HS, 2.30pm
Penicuik Athletic YFC v Dunbar United Colts 1-2 B Mitchinson
Longniddry Villa v Dalkeith Thistle CFC 2-4 D Dickson
Lothian Colts FC v Currie Star Blues 6-2 M Scott
Linton Hotspur FC v Peebles FC 2-3 D Hand
Gala Fairydean Rovers v Eyemouth United FC 1-0 S Bowers
Haddington Athletic CFC v Leith Athletic Colts 1-1 9-10p J Cattanach
Charles Kivlin Cup
Newtongrange Star Youth v Currie Star Whites 3-1 A Burrell
Spartans FC Whites v Bonnyrigg Rose Whites 6-1 I Patterson Broughton HS 3G, noon
Division 3
Edinburgh South Patriots v Currie Star Yellows 8-2 S Thomson
North Merchiston FC v Cockenzie Star 7-2 C Hewitson
No Game - Edinburgh City Whites / Redhall Star YFC / Kelso FC / Cramond FC Romans / Edinburgh South Jaguars / Tranent Colts Blues / Hutchison Vale FC / Salvesen Blades / Edinburgh South CFC / Tynecastle FC / Edinburgh City FC / Currie FC Musselburgh Windsor FC / Currie Star FC / Cramond FC / Arniston Rangers YFC
Sunday 29th November 2020
Division 1
Hutchison Vale FC v Leith Athletic FC T Mitchell
Edinburgh Vikings v Tynecastle FC  R White Broughton HS 3G, noon
Spartans FC Youth v Portobello CFA  R White Broughton HS 3G, 2.30pm
Division 2
Linton Hotspur v Lothian Colts FC C Whittingham
Dunbar United Colts v Peebles FC A Rooney
Haddington Athletic CFC v Gala Fairydean Rovers   J Cattanach
Penicuik Athletic YFC v Dalkeith Thistle CFC A Marr
Craigroyston CYFC v Spartans FC Reds S Thomson
Edinburgh City Whites v Currie FC C Hewitson Forrester HS 3G, 1pm
Leith Athletic Colts v Currie Star Blues M Gallacher
Division 3
Edinburgh South Jaguars v Cramond FC Romans S King
Currie Star Yellows v Redhall Star YFC S Mainds Meggetland grass, 2pm
Edinburgh South Patriots v Spartans FC Whites S Cochrane
Currie Star Whites v Cramond FC S Harris Forrester HS 3G, 2pm
Kelso FC v Tranent Colts Blues G Muir
Newtongrange Star Youth v Arniston Rangers YFC A Burrell
No Game - Currie Star FC / Edinburgh City FC / North Merchiston FC / Salvesen Blades / Musselburgh Windsor FC / Eyemouth United FC / Longniddry Villa / Cockenzie Star / Bonnyrigg Rose Whites / Edinburgh South CFC