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u13's Fixtures and Results

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Fixtures Score Ref Venue
Fixtures for Sunday 23rd September 2018
SPORTSassist South East Region Cup
West Lothian FC v Hutchison Vale FC 1-2 J.Frame
Salvesen CFC v Livingston FCC Black 8-1 G.Mathison
Dunbar United Colts v Kelso FC 4-2 J.Cattanach
Tynecastle FC v Linton Hotspur FC Colts 6-0 M Stewart
Challenge Cup
Lothian Colts Blues v Arniston Rangers YFC 4-2 Z.Cleeton
Currie FC v Edinburgh City Whites 2-4 N Ritchie
Currie Star Whites v Tranent Colts Blues 7-1 R White Meggatland grass 11am
Edinburgh South CFC Jaguars v Cramond FC 2-7 S.Harris
Ken Ritchie Cup
Penicuik Athletic YFC v Dalkeith Thistle Blacks 9-1 R.McKean
Edinburgh United v Cramond FC Romans 4-3 B.Walker
Newtongrange Star YDA v Spartans FC Whites 8-2 C.MacKenzie
Melrose FC v Cockenzie Star 2-0 S Bowers
Bonnyrigg Rose Whites v Tranent Colts FC 1-2 D.Hand
Stewart Brien Cup
Edinburgh City FC v Leith Athletic FC 7-5aet M.Smith Gyle
Peter O'Neill Cup
Longniddry Villa v Inverkeithing United 3-8 G.McGregor
Bonnyrigg Rose Reds v Portobello CFA 1-3aet D.Gordon
Colin Campbell Sports Cup
Dalkeith Thistle CFC v Spartans FC Reds 5-4 M.Scott
Persevere Cup
Haddington Athletic CFC v Peebles FC 4-3 A.Marr
George Salmon Cup
Edinburgh South CFC Seagulls v Redhall Star YFC 9-0 R.Thomson
League D1
Spartans FC Youth v Currie Star FC 2-4 R.Livingstone
League D2
Edinburgh South CFC v Currie Star Blues 7-1 R.Lauder
Gala Fairydean Rovers v North Berwick Colts 1-0 E Walsh
Musselburgh Windsor FC v Lothian Colts 5-2 J.Thomson
League D3
Kirkliston South Queensferry v Salvesen CFC Reds 4-4 J.Darling
Leith Athletic Colts v Musselburgh Young Stars 9-1 T.Mitchell
League D4
North Merchiston Whites v Edinburgh South Patriots 4-5 E Manson
Eyemouth Juniors v North Merchiston Blacks 3-3 A Rooney
No  game - Tynecastle FC Whites / Currie Star Yellows / Craigroyston CYFC
Fixtures for Saturday 29th September 2018
Scottish Cup
Kirkfield United v Spartans FC Youth
Syngenta Juveniles v Bonnyrigg Rose Reds
Mid Calder Colts v Newtongrange Star YDA
Livingston FC Community Red v Edinburgh South CFC Jaguars
Armadale CFC v Dalkeith Thistle CFC
Broxburn Athletic Colts v Haddington Athletic CFC
Fixtures for Sunday 30th September 2018
Scottish Cup
Musselburgh Windsor FC v Blackburn United CYFC Whites I Bristow
Peebles FC v Tranent Colts FC R.Marr
Portobello CFA v Cramond FC Romans A.Reid
Bonnyrigg Rose Whites v North Merchiston Whites T B C
North Merchiston Blacks v Eyemouth United FC TBC
Currie FC v Salvesen CFC Reds C.Conner
Gala Fairydean Rovers v Currie Star Whites S.Bowers
Spartans FC Reds v Murieston P.Peace
Tynecastle FC v Edinburgh South CFC R.Livingstone
Inverkeithing United FC v Lothian Colts Blues M.Smith
Edinburgh City Whites v Currie Star FC J.Taylor Gyle
Currie Star Blue v Dunbar United Colts M Stewart Meggetland grass 11am
Currie Star Yellow v Salvesen CFC E.Lennox Meggatland 3G 9;30am
Musselburgh Young Stars v Armadale CFC Blues C.Roulston
Redhall Star YFC v Bathgate Thistle CFC Blacks G.Mathieson
Arniston Rangers YFC v Edinburgh United C.MacKenzie
Leith Athletic FC v Hutchison Vale FC C.Higgins
Longniddry Villa v Edinburgh City FC M.Corner
Tynecastle FC Whites v Leith Athletic Colts S.Norris
Challenge Cup
Linton Hotspur FC Colts v Lothian Colts C.Whittingham
Polar Foods Cup
Tranent Colts Blues v Kelso FC Z.Cleeton
League D2
North Berwick Colts v Cramond FC J.Cattanach
League D3
Craigroyston CYFC v Dalkeith Thistle Blacks R.White
Kirkliston South Queensferry v Edinburgh South CFC Seagulls J Frame
League D4
Spartans FC Whites v Melrose FC B.Walker
No game - West Lothian FC / Edinburgh South CFC Patriots / Penicuik Athletic YFC / Cockenzie Star